Saturday 4 August 2012


            A few thoughts on the study of Physics

To gain the most out of your physics classes please do your utmost to be well prepared.

  • Listen carefully and participate as far as possible, but do not get frustrated if you are not chosen to answer every question; others also need to be encouraged to participate.

  • Never shout out answers to questions until directed to do so.

  • Read and highlight printed notes and remember to cover similar material in your text book.

  • Make full use of your program of study and become familiar with it. Remember that your examination will be based on the learning objectives.

  • Set aside opportunities to review work that you have covered earlier in the year. Do not let the memory of your hard work fade away.

  • Review numerous and a wide range of questions, but remember that it is the difficult ones that really help us to improve our understanding.

  • It is not necessary to write solutions to all the questions you encounter. Search out questions that will challenge your understanding and use your time more effectively.

  • Never be reluctant to ask questions. This encourages everyone to participate and we all benefit.

Remember that Physics is a discipline that depends as much on cognitive skills as on factual information, so practice as much as possible!

It has been said that we only really fail when we stop trying. The secret is to adopt good study habits and to be consistent. Success in life is the reward for those who earnestly seek it.

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