• Fourth Generation Educator - An ardent motivating and inspiring Math + Physics & ICT Teacher. Teaching since  1978  through National and International Curriculum of IGCSE, GCE-AS and A levels & IB-DP.
  • Able LEADER - to work independently with total responsibility and initiative. Can deal with any academic and administrative duties competently. Worked as National Defense Academy -NDA- Lecturer / Mentor/ House Master / Subject Expert and Consultant at PUNE 411 023 India.
  • Worked as Senior School / College  Leader and Administrator - school and College Administrator, Examiner, Moderate-tor, Paper Setter, and PRINCIPAL. Ex-Principal of Balaji College of Arts,Science and Commerce, Pune-411 033. Ex-Coordinator of National and International Curriculum in India (IBDP Code-002767 ) and  USA ( IBDP Code-006612 ).
  • IB Immersion School IB DP Coordinator + Educator for PHYSICS + MATH & ICT at OTA City-Gunma, near TOKYO in Japan ( IBDP Code-006816 ).
  • AUTHOR of many Research Papers - Publications in the National and International reputed Journals in addition to  PHYSICS books and Lecture Notes.
  • Done  BASIC & Advanced USA + Honeywell Sponsored NASA - Space Training Program to Educators in June, 2008 and again in june, 2012 at Huntsville, Alabama + Kennedy Space Center USA.
  • Appointed as Space Camp Ambassador -SCA-  at NASA-USSRC- United States Space & Rocket Center, Huntsville, ALABAMA ( AL ) 35807-7015 USA, with effect from May, 2013.
  • Guiding the Students for International Level Competition in PHYSICS for ― FIRST STEP TO NOBEL PRIZE IN PHYSICS, since June 1993.
  • Selected as IBO Physics Expert - and invited as the only one TEACHER OBSERVER as Moderator for  PHYSICS Subject in the month of December, 2009  by  the IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization), Cardiff, London, UK. 
  • Published over 50 research publications in reputed national and International Journals.
  • Published over 100 social and non-academic publications in reputed magazines and dailies.
  • Attended Over 20 national and International Seminars & Conferences.
  • Delivered Key  Note Addresses as well as Presented Papers in 5 National and International Conferences.
  • Conducted workshops and seminars for city school and college students as well as Teachers.
  • Done seminars for parents in caring and handling their teenage Children as GLASSWARE.
  • Received the IDEAL TEACHER AWARD by the Pune Municipal Corporation Board of Education.
  • Recognized as the BEST TEACHER by the GE (General Electric) Fund Star Award Program (USA)
  • Honored as the only one Indian member in the International Advisory Committee (IAC) as EVALUATORS cum referees at the International level Competition - FIRST STEP TO NOBEL PRIZE IN PHYSICS - WARSHAW, POLAND.
  • Honored and Recognized by the Principal and Society of Jesuits at LOYOLA, Pune-India and the Senior Management Team of Sri Balaji Society's Educational Institutes at Pune India.
  • Honored by the President and Directors of MAEER-MIT's VGWS for Assisting in the registration as center for MHT-CET Exam - Regn No- MH-22/214 and Guiding the DP students for International Competition through VGWS  in 2007-2010.
  • Honored as registered Ph.D Guide - For Science & Math of JJTU - Jagishprasad Jhabarmal Tibrewala University - Jhunjunu Rajasthan–333
           Registration Referencde No- JJT / 2K9 / 1401.
  • LAST 43 Years of Experience in Education involves with special reference to the first half of the career at LOYOLA in PUNE and the second half of the career life in the IB Diploma Program at global level with International-Mindedness.

    Ø  Having 43 Years of teaching experience in high school and IB DP level Math & Physics.

    Ø  Having last 22 Years of IBDP leadership Experience as Coordinator and Principal as well.

    Ø  Having 33 Years of Experience as Admin cum Curriculum Coordinator and developer as well.

    Ø  National Curriculum Question Paper Author and Moderator for 33 years.

    Ø  EXAMINER for MATH & PHYSICS for 33 Years.

    Ø  IB EXAMINER cum MODERATOR for EE for the last 22 Years.

    Ø  Teachers’ Resource Contributor in IB & CIE Websites.

    Ø  AUTHOR of Grade 11 & 12 PHYSICS+MATH-Reference Books.

    Ø  Editor of School and College News Letters since the beginning of this career.

    Ø  Teachers & Students Lesson scheduler with deadlines of submissions.

    Ø  NASA-USSRC- Trained An educator for Space Program.

    Ø  IBO-Invitee as PHYSICS Subject Observer @ CARDIFF in 2009 as the only IB Educator.

    Ø  Appointed as Space Camp Ambassador with effect from June 2013.

    Ø  Spiritual & Yoga Practitioner for the last 43 years

    Ø  Member of IB Authorization & Evaluation.

  • My Citation and Professional Achievements 

    1.     As an individual, I am An Ardent Educator for more than FOUR Generations.

    2.    Teaching MATHEMATICS, PHYSICS, ICT, TOK (Theory Of Knowledge), EE (Extended Essay), Yoga Science + ICT @ ICSE, AP, CBSE, IBO-PYP, MYP and

    DP- HL & SL, CIE-IGCSE + AS & A Level & Other National levels.

    3.    Having 43 years of Teaching + Admin Experience with 33 years of international exposure to IBO-DP (International Baccalaureate Organization- Diploma Program), CIE (Cambridge International Examination) and AP (Advanced Placement)

    4.    Indian + International Board Examiner + Moderator & Paper Setter for IBO, CIE, CBSE ICSE & MH-HSC exams since last TWO Decades. An IBO-Invitee as PHYSICS Subject RESULT Observer  @ CARDIFF, London - UK in 2009.  

    5.    Teachers’ Resource Contributor in National + International Curriculum of HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate), IBDP & CIE Websites.

    6.    AUTHOR of Grade 11 & 12 PHYSICS+ MATH Reference Books published by internationally reputed publisher-Macmillan – of India.

    7.    NASA-USSRC- Trained Educator for Space Program in June 2008 + for Advanced Program in June 2012 & Appointed as a Space Camp Ambassador with effect from June 2013.

    8.    Honoured as the only one Indian Member in the International Advisory Committee (IAC) at the       International Competition FIRST STEP TO NOBEL PRIZE IN PHYSICS - POLAND.

    9.    IB Coordinator cum Teacher for FIVE years at GKA (Gunma Kokusai Academy-IB Immersion School) in coordinating Math + Physics +ICT & Extended Essay (EE).

    10.  Administrator at this GKA, which is the only prime English Immersion School in Gunma, from Grade-1 to 12 with both JP Domestic and IB Diploma Programmes at OTA Shi, in Gunma Ken near Tokyo. Here there are around 50 overseas teachers from 15 different countries in addition to an equal number of Japanese, dedicated teachers.

    11.   Dr Nagesh has experienced FORTY-THREE years of teaching and learning across the globe from K.G to P.G level students. The Real-Life Situations (RLS) experienced in those four decades are remarkable anecdotes to narrate and rejuvenate the life of youngsters. unbiased administration with equal opportunities to all.

    12.  Under the able guidance, this present IB World School has successfully completed the first FIVE Year Evaluation with all necessary documents in the year-end of 2016 at Gunma Kokusai Academy, OTA Gunma Japan-373 0813.

    13.  Believe in sharing and caring for others.

    14.  Now as DP Head at EISP in Pune,

     Dr. N Nagesh                                         16th March 2021.